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GC Applications

Gas Chromatography systems from CIC are configured specifically to meet your application needs.

Our GC configurations include a wide variety of multi-dimensional (both valve and pressure switching) and multiple-application GC's that may utilize one or more of our specialized sample inlet systems or unique detector arrangements.

CIC has systems for LPG's, Natural Gases, Trace Oxygenates and Refinery Gases, as well as for many other Petrochemical and Specialty Chemical process streams and products.

From an ethylene analyzer to GC's for the analysis of semiconductor grade gases, we can provide the solution. Be sure to look over our GC applications section where you will find descriptions of some of our applications including chromatograms.

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About CIC

You describe the analysis; we build and install the GC, train your personnel and provide you with a true "turn-key" package. After installation and training, we'll leave your laboratory when your personnel are analyzing real samples on your new CIC analyzer. And it doesn't stop there because we can provide the technical support that you may need in the future.

If you have a difficult GC analysis and you need a solution, please contact us to discuss it at your earliest convenience.





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